Prince H. Marshall, Jr., Inc. was incorporated in New York State by Prince H. Marshall, Jr. in April 2012 as a corporate entity for the pursuit of his business interests. He was then, and still is, the President and Founder of Infinite Ventures Company which is a company now primarily focused on domain name registrations and internet services such as website hosting and self-service website design and related services.


The corporation's first major move was to become a founding partner of Pamper Ur Poochie, LLC which does business as Pamper Ur Poochie Parlor, in Selden, New York. Pamper Ur Poochie Parlor is a home-style, cage-free dog boarding facility (that also boards cats on occasion). This was a brand new enterprise and Prince H. Marshall, Jr, Inc. created management, marketing, operational and accounting procedures and materials. This included printed marketing materials and a website.


In October 2014, Mr. Marshall decided to bring together all the aspects of his computer and business experience and continue the original mission of Infinite Ventures Company, but leveraging his education and certification to add a computer repair component as one of the primary business pursuits of the corporation.


At present, Prince H. Marshall, Jr., Inc.'s mission remains based in the original founding principles of Mr. Marshall when he went into business: "...bringing practical connectivity to individuals and businesses alike, making them able to function more productively internally, and providing the resources and training to mine the external wealth of information and possibilities..." and in addition to that, providing the equipment and technical support to enable continued productivity and gratification using today's technology, both in business and personal life.